Photo credit: Forest department

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) handed over teaching aids and hardware support to the Forest Department at the Forest Department headquarters in Nay Pyi Taw in 30 July 2020.

“To make agriculture and forestry more productive and sustainable, a holistic approach with actions to conserve, protect, and enhance natural resources is crucial.  Development of capacities targeting forestry staff and private sector forms part of our strategy to promote the adoption of more integrated, sustainable and resilient production systems,” said Xiaojie Fan, FAO Representative in Myanmar.

The teaching aids and hardware equipment for the Forestry Department will support the delivery of training for students and rangers at Myanmar Forest School, including forestry staff at the  Central Forestry Development Training Center (Hmaw-bi).  The handover of the supplies forms part of FAO’s more comprehensive efforts, which include the ongoing development of a Diploma level course for implementation at the Myanmar Forest School on ecosystem-based sustainable forest management in collaboration with the University of Forestry and Environmental Science.

The supplies and equipment on the subject of Forest Inventory in the field and their learning experience will be enhanced with improved training room facilities and library.

FAO and UFES are on track to launch the curriculum’s pilot phase later this year at the Myanmar Forest School. To date, an assessment has been completed to identify upgrades and revisions required for the curriculum in alignment with international best practices on sustainable forest management.  In addition, FAO and UFES have approved the composition of an editorial board made of five members who will provide technical oversight and editing of the curriculum.

“Capacity development is a priority for the Forestry Department.  Training and education interventions play a significant role supporting the implementation of the sustainable management of forest resources in the country” said Dr. Nyi Nyi Kyaw, Director General, Forest Department.

The supplies and equipment was provided within the “Sustainable cropland and forest management in priority-ecosystems of Myanmar project funded by the Global Environment Facility.  The project aims to build the capacity of farming and forestry stakeholders to mitigate climate change and improve land condition by adopting climate smart agriculture and sustainable forest management policies and practices.