National Climate Smart Agriculture Center organized a Workshop on Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture in Myanmar

Myanmar is highly vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather conditions. According to the Global Climate Risk Index, Myanmar ranks among the top three countries most affected by weather related events, which has led to massive displacement of people and the destruction of livelihoods, crops and other food sources. In [...]

Knowledge Management Workshop for Climate Smart Agriculture and Forest Management Systems

The workshop brought together 30 staff members of Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and irrigation (MOALI) and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) working at national level as well as in the 3 Pilot sites of the Project. The workshop started on 7 to 9 August, 2017 in [...]

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Validation Workshop for Revised Work Plan of “Sustainable Cropland and Forest Management in Priority Agro-ecosystems of Myanmar” Project

The Project was officially launched in July 2016 and has since been subject to an inception phase and the early stages of implementation.  During the first half of 2017 the project’s managerial structures and work plan have been revised following the findings of the component-wise needs assessments and a series [...]

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